Childhood obesity programme

The pupils of the 6th grade (ST class) of the 3rd Primary School of Naxos, Greece, are taking part this year (2012-2013) in a nutrition programme under the title of "Healthy eating and exercise as a means to prevent childhood obesity". According to the recent findings of the University Mental Health Research Institute (UMHRI), Greece has the second-highest rate in childhood obesity internationally after the USA. Through various activities, the pupils will learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and will hopefully set the basis for their healthy adult lives. We will research about the present situation of their immediate environment as far as diet and physical activity are concerned, the facts, causes, treatment and prevention of childhood obesity and they will engage in interesting, but also fun, activities in order to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This page is developed as part of the programme, so that everyone interested in it can find information regarding the activities and so that the work of the pupils is presented.

The programme is presented in the form of weekly steps that have already been done or are planned (*those with the asterisk). It will be presented in the English language due to the fact that it is planned and realized as part of the English lesson. The programme is organized by the English teacher Irini Koutelieri, with the help and co-operation of the ICT teacher George Koutlis and the assistance of the PE teacher George Pantazis for the exercising part. There will also be co-operation and sessions organized with the dietician Aggeliki Maggiorou and the psychologist Irini Moustaka.

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Thank you for your interest! Have fun!