Activity planned:

(computer lab) The pupils will be shown the following pictures and will be asked to write down whatever words come to mind.

Brain3.jpg Brain2.jpg Brain1.jpg

Activity done:

After the pupils were shown the above pictures, they were asked to create a Google document with the words that came to their minds. The results are the following, categorized by class (ST2 unfortunately didn't do this activity in the computer lab but in-class results were similar to the other classes).

ST1 brainstorming
ST3 brainstorming

It is interesting that boredom and free time came up (as reasons for not exercising?), many different kinds of healthy or junk food and sports, but also anorexia (pupils are already informed -but only a little- about eating disorders). There were also offensive words used for the obese children shown (shows how other people see obese people).