Activity planned:

Discussion on eating disorders

Activity done:

This week's activity actually extended in two different meetings, one with the whole ST class, and the other with each class separately. This seemed to be the topic that was of great importance to the students, as they had many questions and wanted to discuss a lot. We gave them the chance to talk about the times they themselves feel vulnerable and resort to eating. A very important part of the discussion was the link between our emotions and the food we eat. It was interesting to note that how we feel influences what we eat and vice versa, what we eat can make us feel healthy and better. The videos that the pupils watched on YouTube made them reflect a lot and our hope is that they will trouble themselves on eating disorders and the racism that exists towards obese children. It was a meeting that really touched us all.

The videos we watched:

Anorexia nervosa
Childhood obesity
Binge eating