Activity planned:

Our intention is to create a questionnaire about the dietary habits and the lifestyle of both the pupils and their environment, as well as various members of the educational community. It is known that childhood obesity is hugely affected by the habits of the environment of the children. Consequently, the purpose of the questionnaire is to study the current situation for the children and their families, as far as their lifestyle is concerned, and obtain some statistical evidence. The questionnaire will be published on the internet, so that it is accessible by anyone interested in participating in the survey.

Activity done:

The pupils formed groups and made some decisions on the elements of the questionnaire. They decided that it will only be for pupils of Primary or High School. They wrote the questions and possible answers and it was created using Google Docs. You can find it here.
It was sent to schools all over Greece and we will collect and examine the results after the 20th of May 2013.